Night Stage I

Part of an ongoing series about the night's symbolism inspired by S. John of the Cross poems. Images taken at the Chilean Coast. This country has particularly clear skies, and it is expected to host most of the astronomical observation facilities. This visual work has never been exhibited, and stills from this series have been awarded in international photography contests. Part of the profits will be donated to a dark-sky conservation foundation.

2880 × 2160

Music and visuals by @benjamingrandi.

NFT for sale 1/1 at Foundation.

Memories | Moonrise over white lands

Part of Memories series, created out of a remote snowed desert. Surprisingly, at the highest altitudes of the Atacama Desert it snows plentifully. Playing with perspective and time, this series is about how we remember and dream. From physical real places I create echoes of reality using imagination. A powerful combination, since remembering and incorporating memories help us heal.


NFT for sale at Rarible in 40 copies.

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