​The journey to our deepest interior places is probably the most difficult one for us as  human beings. Through these images, called innerscapes, the viewer is invited to initiate such journey through the most delicate and evocative image I can possibly capture. This series is not about the territory photographed, nor what it felt being in those places. The subject matter of these photographs is the person looking at the resulting photograph, it is about you, the viewer.

Innerscape: The Red Tree

Innerscape: White Forest

Innerscape: Erosion

Innerscape: Floating

Innerscape: Ice Ocean

Innerscape: Drawn

Family is about how we can't endure a storm by ourselves, and we need each other. This is a family of Araucarias, a unique species of trees that can only be found in a narrow band of the Andes Mountains in South America

Innerscape: Family

Innerscape: Leader

Innerscape: Snowed Desert

Innerscape: Sculpture

Innerscapes: Pentagrama

Innerscape: Patches

Innerscape: Hope

Innerscape: Slopes

Innerscape: Juncos Rojos

Innerscape: Blured

Innerscape: Distant

Innerscape: Ocean Pathway

Innerscape: Analog

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